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Joe, who are you?

Growing up near Heathrow airport with parents who travelled for a living as cabin crew, I was lucky enough to be a ‘Jet-Set Baby’ and travel to some amazing places as a child and even lived in Los Angeles for a few months. As I grew up and my parents starting to go part-time and retire, there was so much more of the globe that I wanted to see either alone or with friends.  

In my 20s, I started to organise holidays for myself, my friends and family, even if I wasn’t invited or able to go. In 2018, now in my 30s, I wanted to share the world with my members to help them to get away, whatever their budget may be and not be stung with unknown costs.  

Yes there are cheap flights, cheap hotels and cheap car hire deals out there, but not everyone has the time, or energy to search for these individually, which is where I come in, with the aim of saving you money on your next or dream journey.

So if you haven’t already, sign up and let me send you some options for your next journey


Is Joe’s Journeys free to join?


If you’ve signed up for Bronze Membership, you can be a free member for Joe’s Journeys forever and ever.

How can I get more emails from Joe’s Journeys?

Starting later in 2018, I will be introducing a Silver and Gold membership so that you can get more Journeys are more deals to ask your boss for more time off.  

Do you look into events around the world?

Yes, if I can tie things into a world event, then I will let you know, but not everyone wants to be in Rio for the carnival, or China for the Chinese New Year or in Paris for Bastille Day, so I’ll try and mix it up.  

How do you find such cheap fares?

With parents working as airline staff, I know how and where to look for a good deal, coupled with the hours I spend looking into world events on a daily basis, it means I can find you the best deals in the world to help you find the perfect flight, hotel and car hire deals, meaning all you need to worry about it where to visit and where to eat  

Which airports do you get deals depart from?

I send alerts for Journeys departing all airports major UK and Ireland airports, but if there’s Journey that start from a smaller airport, then I will add these in  

Do you do a personalised service?

Alas, whilst I’d love to help every member personally, I just wouldn’t be able to get around to every request I get and do it justice.

But cross your fingers and hopefully your dream Journey will pop in an email soon as I continue to check the best offers around the world for you.

What airlines do you look at?

All of them! 

As all will have their own pros and cons.

Low costs usually tend to be short haul and last minute, whereas big airlines tend to be a longer way away. In the UK, we are used to seeing short haul low cost, but with the emergence of Scoot and Norwegian now doing long haul low costs, there are some great deals to be had as bigger traditional airlines try to price match

What hotels do you look at?

We’ve all done it, seen a great flight offer, bought it, then realised there are no well priced decent hotels, so ended spending a lot more for little comforts.

Knowing that everyone has a different expectation and budget, where possible I’ll have a hostel or 1* hotel, as well as a 2-3* and 4-5* options, so that you can book in confidence and avoid paying over the odds and have to take a loan out on when you get home!

What car hire do you look at?

It doesn’t matter whether you travel alone, with your partner, friends, or if you are going with your family, everyone always looks at the Mini version first and hope for a free upgrade. But I will make sure can see what the cost of these will be, as sometimes, usually in the US, this includes an free driver and zero excess, so all you have to worry about is refueling!  

How do I save money?

All of my Journeys will save you money, using a mixture of Flights, Hotels & Car Hire, usually the further away from the UK you travel, the bigger the savings could be. On average, short haul destinations are usually a lower saving but they are more regular.

All you have to do is click on the links, pick the best dates for you and wait for the confirmations to come through.

How many emails should I expect?

Free/Bronze members will receive at least 4 emails per month, Silver members will receive at least 10 emails and Gold members receiving at least 20 emails per month.

However, if there are more Journeys that come available that I think are too good not to send out  then you can expect a lot more emails.

Joe, I’ve just booked, what do I do next?


Pack your bags and get ready to have an epic Journey.

Tell your friends and family where you’re going, tell them how much you’ve saved, make them a little jealous and tell them to sign up to Joe’s Journeys too if they haven’t already.

I do love to know where my members have gone, so feel free to let me know where you’re going and feel free to send me a pic when you get back

I’ve signed up but am not receiving any Journeys?


Ooooo, that’s not cool. Check your spam just in case they are hiding in here, add my email to your approved list.  If you still can’t see anything, then add your email again, then ping me a message ( and we can make sure that you don’t miss out on anymore great Journeys.