Read reviews from Joe's Journeys members who have saved cash

Jacqui - Vietnam


Saving at least £220

I already had my flights and tours booked, but needed a few nights in a hotel and stayed at some amazing 5* hotels with great discounts

James & Hayley - Vancouver


Saving at least £2,200

We picked up flights to Vancouver and decided to turn it into a ski trip, saving a boat load in the process.

PS: Skiing was amazing too!

Emma - Rome


Saving at least £85

I booked flights and bought some foreign currency. I love this City so much, I'm already planning my next visit.

Janis - Cagliari


Saving at least £50

I spent 5 nights in Sardinia. The saving has already paid back my Gold membership

Maisie - Thailand


Saving at least £350

I only booked the flights via Joe's Journeys, the rest I did on arrival Bangkok.  Ko Phangan was deffo the highlight

Emily - Cuba


Saving at least £700

I spent 11 nights in Cuba with my boyfriend saving at least £400 on the flights and our hotel in Varadero. Could not recommend enough.

Ben & Caroline - Miami


Saving at least £400

We're off to Miami in October, saving loads on BA flights and car hire. We can't wait for some autumn heat 

Jimmy - Australia


Saving at least £550

I managed to spend 3 weeks travelling around Australia staying in some sweet places for the same price as a hostel

Jon & Eolie - China


Saving at least £480

We spent 9 nights in China and had an amazing time, we saved at least £200 each on flights, and a further £80 on hotels